Autism Acceptance Month

With April 2nd being Autism Awareness Day, the month of April has been appointed Autism Acceptance Month. This month should serve all mankind as a reminder of the goal that is autism acceptance. We cannot limit action on this goal to a single month however, it should be viewed as an ongoing process rather than an annual event contained to a waning window of opportunity.

There is no one type of autism rather, each individual with autism experiences differing strengths and challenges occurring across a spectrum. These challenges commonly include, but are not limited to, social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. It is important to know that signs of autism typically occur between 2 and 3 years of age. During this critical period, early intervention is critical and can lead to positive outcomes later in life.

The Autism Society of America recognizes that 1 in 54 children have autism with diagnoses becoming increasingly common. Approximately one-third of REINS program participants have received an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. Our organization is honored to serve these unique individuals by providing opportunities for personal growth, challenge and development through equine assisted activities and therapies.

Equine-assisted activities and therapies have been shown to benefit a wide range of people including those with and without disabilities. The motor, emotional, and sensory outcomes related to taking part in the REINS program and other programs like it have been proven significant in aiding individuals with autism. 

It is time for everyone to be aware of an ongoing need for action. You can make a difference by;

  • Celebrating the diversity of our global community 
  • Speaking out against discrimination 
  • Supporting treatment and therapy that improves the lives of those with Autism 
  • Taking advantage of free screening to recognize the signs of autism 

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