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Rainy is a veteran at our program. This will be her fourth year with us. She is favorite. She has all the cuteness of a pony and a great brain to boot. At 14 years old, we have many more years to look forward to with Rainy.Mary Ann Witkopp who owns Rainy (if anyone can really own a pony) and generously shares her with us during the summer months. During the off season this year, Rainy has been the school bus driver for an Amish school!

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What do Shine, Jetta and Cooper all have in common? They are all retired barrel racing horses that enjoying the pace, smiles and activities of a therapeutic horse program. Kelsey Klutgen, our senior equine specialist and therapeutic riding instructor, knew she would love the job because of the way she took to young children. Her gentle nature and sturdy structure were just what we needed. 

She really is “shining” this season.

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JETTA – SPONSORED  – Wisconsin Horse Council

Jetta is a retired barrel racing pony. Her long time 4-H friend sadly ourgrew her. But luckily for Jetta, Tom and Louise Blankenheim were looking for a special been there done that sort of girl for their equine assisted learning work with REINS. Jetta is now a part of thier beloved herd and is spending the summer as an equine therapist for both TR and EAL.

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COOPER – SPONSORED – Chris Tempas​

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Cooper is a beloved member of the Darren Schultz family. They are sharing this amazing 10 year old Quarter Horse with us.

Cooper has won over many hearts this season at REINS. One ❤️ in particular is volunteer and generous donor, Chris Tempas.

Chris is one of our horse leaders and leads Cooper during class. She fell head over heels in love with this incredible equine therapist. As a result she decided to sponsor Cooper for the season! We thank you, Cooper thanks you and of course, all of those who benefit from this incredible therapy thank you.


Carin first came to us a few weeks into the 2017 season to meet a special set of needs. She fits right in and our riders are falling in love. She is a Norwegian Fjord, 19 years young with lots of experience.  

Her owner and friend, Julie Cramer generously responded to our need. We can’t thank her enough.  

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Topaz is a 25 year old Morgan mare. She was donated to us from Kohler.  She is quiet, wise and reliable. All that we would want for a therapy horse wrapped up in a beautiful package.

A big thank you to Mary Ann Witkopp who generously not only trained her to participate in our program but cares for her during the off season.  

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New 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019


More to come about this new horse for 2019