Our horses are our therapy partners. Sponsor one of our equine therapist:

  • $2,175 for the season
  • $514 for a month
  • $121 for a week 
  • $17 for a day


Ariana is a Fjord who will be joining the REINS program this year. Tonya Joas is graciously leasing Ariana to us for the season. Ariana has a calm nature and a wide build that will make her a great addition to our team.

Ariana is looking a special sponsor for this 2022 season.


 Gypsy is a 28 year old paint mare  returning for her second season this year! She is owned by our Director Morgan and her size and personality make her valuable member of our team. 

Gypsy is available for sponsorship. 


Jetta is a 23 year old quarter pony mare, graciously leased to us by Tom and Louise Blankenheim. After two years off, she returns for her thrid season this year! She has extensive previous experience as a barrel racer. Her reserved, consistent and quiet personality in conjunction with controlled, symmetrical movement and beneficial impulsion make her an irreplaceable asset to our participants. 

We are looking for a sponsor for Jetta for the coming season.  



Hannah is a 20 year old Belgium/TB cross mare graciously leased to us by the Ann and Rick Wehrle family for the 2022 season. Her quite style and large stature are perfect for our adult riders. Welcome to REINS Hannah.

If you would like to sponsor Hannah for the 2022 season, please reach out to us. 

HENRY – SPONSORED – Brennan’s on Michigan

Henry is a 17 year old Quarter Horse gleding graciously leased to us by the Ann and Rick Wehrle family for the 2022 season. He is quite, calm and snuggly. A perfect combination for our participants. After years as a show and trail horse, he is ready for his new position at REINS. Welcome Henry.

Henry will occupy the stall that was home to Peggy Brennan’s beloved horse, Winchester. In his memory, Henry is sponsored by Brennan’s on Michigan. Thank you Peggy and Tom.

TOPAZ – SPONSORED – Classic Title Services

Topaz is a 28 year old Morgan mare, graciously donated to REINS by Kohler Stables; she is a longstanding member of our string of equine therapists. She has extensive past experience as a lesson horse, show horse and brood mare. Her reserved, quiet and patient personality in conjunction with smooth, regulated movement make her an excellent asset to our program.

Topaz has been sponsored for 2022 through the generosity of Classic Title Services. Thank you.

REMI – SPONSORED- Masters Gallery Foods

Remi is 27 year old paint mare joining us this year for her first of many seasons. She is the long time partner of our Direct Morgan Christensen. She has extensive experience in the show and lesson ring. She brings a different perspective to our program as a horse who has her own challenges. She hasn’t let having one eye stand in her way of being a special and spectacular  horse. A lesson we can all learn from.


Jade is a 20 year old quarter horse mare graciously leased to us from Lori Schuessler. She is returning for her second season with REINS. She was a favorite in 2021 and many of participants will be glad to see her back at the barn this summer. 

Jade is looking for a special person or group to sponsor her.  


Mooney is a 16year old draft gelding generouslyly leased to us by Aimee Schmidt for the 2022 season. Mooney is no stranger to REINS and is returning after a couple of years off to do showing and lessons with his family. Mooney has a special place in our herd and in the hearts of everyone he has served since 2017 when he joined the program. Welcome back Mooney we missed you. 

If you want a sponsor a big special horse, Mooney is your guy. Let’s talk.  


Spud joined us in 2019 as part of a collaboration with Off Track on Course Thoroughbreds, a rescue organization based in Kewaskum, WI. He has been an important part of REINS each year since then. Although his past was questionably difficult, his kind eye, quiet personality and bright affect speak volumes of his character and compatibility to the services we provide at REINS. He has experience in barrel racing and ranch riding. His slow, rhythmical walk and cadenced trot are a huge asset to our riders! His curiosity and friendliness creates a welcoming atmosphere for each of his riders! 

Spud is looking for a sponsor as special as he is. 


Oliver will be joining the REINS program for the first time this summer. Oliver is an 18 year old Quarter Horse who is generously leased to us by Lisa Barman for the season. Oliver has a calm demeanor and a sweet personality that will very quickly make him a fan favorite equine partner.  

Oliver is still looking for a sponsor for the season.