IMAGINE Capital Campaign

REINS is celebrating our 40th anniversary and unveiling of plans for the future. REINS will be purchasing and creating a permanent home. We invite you to sit back and imagine the future with us. Thank you.

Who would have imagined?

REINS has been providing equine assisted services to individuals with disabilities for 40 years!!

All those years, REINS kept trotting along:


… using a wheelchair to assist mobility, and for one hour upon your steed you achieve a different and unique form of mobility through the equine

… experiencing impulsiveness, and the calmness of your horse brings you a sense of serenity.

… feeling anxious in new situations, and gaining confidence during your lesson as you partner with a 1,000 pound animal

… Improving your balance as the strong back of your mount and a loving care team give you a feeling of security.

… experiencing tremors, and finding stillness with the slow steady rhythm of a horse’s gait.

… Returning to equine services after not being able to attend for a whole season due to COVID and you express your glee with exuberant shouts, even though you’re nonspeaking

… Feeling safe and included in the saddle and in a therapeutic environment created for you

… Making lifelong friends with your equine partner, volunteers, peers, and instructors whose relationships exist far beyond the walls of the arena

… Seeing your child that you love with all your heart finding joy and liberation through equine interaction

… conquering your fears as you climb upon the back of an animal ten times your size and feeling freedom

… Improving yourself week after week as you progress towards your goals

… A program with such a powerful impact on its participants was at the edge of extinction many times throughout the past 40 years, yet due to the efforts and generosity of so many in the

Now, can you imagine an even brighter future for this exceptional population we have the privilege of serving?

WE CAN!!! Through the incomprehensible generosity of Majestic Dairy Crossing we have been able to secure a FOREVER HOME for REINS at our current location!

Along with this tremendous opportunity comes many resources and renovations needed to purchase and make the site autonomous. The total cost for the first phase will be $600,000 of which:  • $219,500 is to purchase the property and buildings. and   • $371,500 is for renovations.

The renovations will include upgrading the facility so it can be used year-round, installing ADA bathrooms so our participants don’t have to use a porta-potty out in the parking lot, adding office and classroom space as well as adding pastures and digging a well so we can adequately care for the horses ~ our equine therapists.

Having a site that’s usable year-round will allow us to extend the current REINS season, increase the number of participants and offer more programs and services.

The future we imagine is only possible with your partnership.

Would you please consider joining us as we continue to give a leg up and lift the burdens of those we serve?

Your pledge of support will allow us to lay a solid foundation for this generation, the next generation, and generations beyond… just imagine!!

We deeply appreciate your consideration.

Thank you.