Horses of REINS


Tigger is a 17 year old Arabian gelding, joining REINS for the first time this year! Tigger is leased to us by Stephanie Crispin and David Baemmert. We are thankful to also have Dr. Baemmert as a trusted vet for our equines! Tigger’s sweet and expressive face as well as calm demeanor makes him a real charmer in the barn. His slim build makes him ideal for our riders with limited flexibility. Tigger comes from an endurance riding career, and is looking forward to learning this new job. We are so excited to have Tigger join the herd this spring.



Remi is a 27 year old Paint mare who will be returning for her second year at REINS! Remi is the longtime equine partner of Morgan, and loves her career working in equine-assisted services. Remi has a very gentle nature and carries each of her participants with care. You may notice Remi is missing an eye! Remi has learned to adapt and thrive in life with her disability. Remi loves rolling in the mud and learning new tricks!




  • Spud is a 25 year old gelding who will be joining REINS for his fourth year! Spud is a sweet horse, who loves calm and quiet and his gentle rocking walk and nature has an ability to bring about calmness in his participants. If not in class, Spud can be found working on a ‘senior soup’ (making a mess) or snoozing in his shavings. One of Spud’s favorite things is a really good roll in the sand!


Oliver is a 18 year old Quarter Horse coming back again for a second season at REINS! Oliver is leased to us by Lisa Barman. Oliver has big loving eyes to match his very caring heart. He has an amazingly smooth gait. Oliver has some fancy ‘buttons’ that participants can learn how to work with as they develop their riding skills.