In Memoriam

“While time will fade, these hoofprints… the ones left on your heart… will never disappear.”

Gypsy loved her final career as a therapy horse. She spent many years barrel racing and doing speed events, but found her calling serving her participants. Gypsy took her job very seriously, and was very good at it. She took each step carefully to keep her precious cargo safe. Gypsy loved sticking her tongue out in photos to make silly faces. While she may have been an expert at sneaking through gates, we believe it was to try and find all of her REINS friends. Gypsy belonged to and was very loved by REINS director, Morgan. We are thankful to Gypsy for her service and will always hold her dearly in our hearts

Topaz was one of the sweetest horses you could ever find. She showed great compassion for each of her riders and always carried them safely. Topaz spent the majority of her life at Kohler Stables, and joined REINS for her next career. One could say that Topaz was born to be a therapy horse. Those who knew Topaz knew her love. She formed deep bonds with people and brought many smiles to faces and love to hearts. REINS was privileged to have Topaz serve our participants. She will forever be deeply loved and greatly missed.