Program Director Job Description

REINS, Inc. Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies

– Job Description – 

Position Title:   Program Director                                      Date:  October 2020

Reports to:     Board of Directors

Employee Classification:        Full Time (40/week – Exempt) 

Position Description: This position is responsible for the overall coordination and management of all program components which include program development and oversight, riders/participants, personnel, volunteers, horses, and facilities.

General Responsibilities include:

  1. program staff supervision
  2. program development, implementation, and evaluation
  3. all aspects of quality assurance
  4. program outreach and collaboration building
  5. identifying and implementing innovative program populations and services
  6. program-related budget planning and implementation
  7. managing therapeutic riding and equine assisted learning instruction according to PATH standards and REINS guidelines, with the utmost attention given to safety


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred, Associates degree considered
  • 3-5 years PATH experience – CTRI certification required, ESMHL and Mentor Training preferred
  • Minimum 1-year experience in a supervisory role
  • Direct horse care and barn management experience
  • Experience working with special needs individuals
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google suite, experience in Salesforce a plus

Job Duties:


  • Ensure that all program components are working effectively and proactively in planning for and implementing each new class session and special events   
  • Ensure ongoing evaluation and improvement of all program components and services
  • Assume primary responsibility for daily operations and security of REINS
  • Ensure that program staff are maintaining current program records, including client files, volunteer files and horse documentation
  • Identify, develop, and implement new client populations and service areas and, under the direction of the Board of Directors, provide clear program development management in relationship to the agency mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  • Build appropriate program collaborations between REINS and other service agencies and professionals
  • Ensure PATH International Center Accreditation and compliance with PATH standards
  • Develop and maintain Program Policies and Procedures and Program Operation Manual
  • Ensure that staff are knowledgeable and qualified to handle operating center emergencies; Maintain relevant policies and procedures
  • Coordinate program development activities, ensuring quality and effective programs that meet the needs of participants as well as the expectations of funding sources
  • Serve as initial point of contact for all new service populations, programs, and events; Coordinate all related activities 
  • Enhance programs and services to maximize earned income revenues
  • In conjunction with Board of Directors, coordinate planning process to establish annual calendar, including all program related activities with targets for program/earned income revenues and expenditures; Monitor quarterly to ensure that established targets are being met
  • Provide input and direction for program related grants
  • Implement REINS’ Class Cancelation policy (including closures) when necessary, directing staff in their responsibilities to ensure timely and efficient communications regarding cancelations.
  • Schedule participants, instructors, volunteers, and horses, ensuring input form seasonal staff as appropriate


  • Ensure that REINS delivers safe, effective, and respectful equine assisted services meeting the needs of participants
  • Ensure effective and timely participant evaluation/orientation, new participant documentation, participant registration, and participant progress
  • Ensure timely and effective communication with all program participants/families/caregivers and remain accessible and open to their needs.
  • Ensure, through periodic evaluation, goals and objectives are appropriate and current for participants in therapeutic riding and equine assisted services.
  • Ensure ongoing recognition of participant achievements
  • Coordinate and implement all REINS participant demonstrations and special programs
  • Coordinate, and conduct when appropriate, evaluations of new participants in therapeutic riding and equine assisted activities; re-evaluate current participants when warranted


  • Ensure that REINS provides safe, effective, and respectful orientation, training and supervision of volunteers 
  • Ensure an adequate volunteer force to meet service needs and a timely volunteer orientation, training, and registration schedule
  • Assist in development, implementation and evaluation of effective volunteer recruitment strategies and an annual recruitment plan/calendar
  • Ensure appropriate volunteer recognition


  • Ensure that REINS provides effective, appropriate, and quality horse care, recruitment, selection, schooling, scheduling and retirement of all REINS program horses


  • Ensure that REINS’ facility is safe and well maintained
  • Ensure adequate helmets, props for ring, appropriate tack, and safe riding areas; ensure orderly arena/props and observation areas.


  • Develop and oversee a Mentoring/Instructor-in-Training program.
  • Maintain social media presence to promote program
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings as requested and provide monthly written report to BOD
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Work closely with Board of Directors to maximize effectiveness and efficiencies in center-wide activities, systems accountability, and communication
  • Collaborate with the Board of Directors and Board Staff Committee regarding employment, promotion, and disciplinary actions of program staff
  • Ensure staff adherence to Program Policies and Procedures as outline in the Program Operations Manual
  • Serve as primary support staff for instructors during class (monitor weather radio, monitor rider and volunteer cancelations); designate another staff member when you are not available.
  • Provide ongoing supervision and evaluation of Program Staff
  • Promote Program Staff continuing education and professional development
  • Promote an effective team environment throughout the program, including direct, ethical, and effective communication with staff and appropriate conflict management
  • Oversee/implement all personnel policies according to Personnel Manual, including annual reviews and updated job descriptions.
  • Recommend personnel policy changes to Board of Directors and implement revisions to the Personnel Manual
  • Coordinate scheduling of staff vacations and holiday absences. Ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained throughout the year. When staff is sick or on vacation, ensure that those job functions critical to daily service delivery are covered by self or other staff or, if appropriate, volunteers


  • Represent REINS in a positive and professional manner.
  • Maintain effective communication procedures while building professional relationships among staff and the Board of Directors
  • Maintain safety as REINS’ paramount concern. Place safety first in all actions and activities.
  • Promote and support an effective team environment, including adherence to Ethical Communication practices with staff, participants, volunteers, and community members.
  • Demonstrate respect, interest, compassion and caring for program participants, volunteers and community members.
  • Participate in professional development related to equine assisted therapies and activities
  • Know, and abide by, REINS’ Operating Policies and Procedures.
  • Know, support, and promote the Mission, Values, Norms and Strategic Goals of REINS.
  • Organize and lead staff meetings.


  • Strong leadership skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to delegate and manage daily tasks
  • Collaborative approach to problem solving
  • Ability to work independently and in teams
  • Ability to be flexible in response to changing situations

 Physical Qualification:

  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.