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Why Volunteer

REINS is a dynamic program that has been helped by 100’s of volunteers over decades of service to people with disabilities in Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Calumet counties. There is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in another person’s life. You can do that here at REINS. Help a child or adult with a physical, developmental or emotional disability achieve success in an activity where self-confidence replaces self-doubt. Feel the strong bond that grows as rider, volunteer and horse work together.
Be uplifted by the experience of giving your time and talents in this unique environment. Whether or not you have experience with horses or people with special needs, there is a role for you at REINS. As a volunteer you may choose from a variety of activities depending on your interests, as the opportunities are numerous and always rewarding.
REINS provides comprehensive training and practices the highest safety protocols.

We urge you to consider helping in any way you can. We are looking for people to work on various committees that could donate 2-3 hours a month. We need volunteers to help with annual fundraising events. We need board members who want to help direct this amazing program and will commit to one board meeting each month. We need people 14 and older to work directly with our riders to help side walk and lead horses in June, July and August. We need “donated” horses for the summer that are calm, patient and trustworthy. There is much that goes on all year to run a program like REINS. The riders and their families are so appreciative – the smiles on their faces are priceless and the benefits can be remarkable.

REINS Team Benefits

  • You’ll have a blast!
  • You will get to work with horses
  • You become active in your community
  • Volunteering looks great on a resume or college application
  • Flexible schedule – come as often as you like, you decide.
  • Develop and build your leadership skills.
  • Opportunity for retirees to remain active
  • Awesome activity for youth, church and community groups
  • Great relationship building experience for families and friends
  • Complete community service hours/requirements for schools
  • Learn and seek knowledge about disabilities and horses
  • Practice and learn responsibilities, patience, caring and organizational skills
  • Make new friends!!

How you can help

Donations of horses or ponies for our 3 month summer program.

Horses being considered for the program will be evaluated for soundness, health, ground manners, ability under saddle and suitability for riders with disabilities. We are looking for horses with quiet personalities, solid work ethics that enjoy people and that are at least 8 years of age. Our therapy horses will have comfortable gaits, tolerate loud and sudden noises and movements, be good with other horses and tolerate two people working on both sides simultaneously. Horses may be used on a trial basis before joining the program for the summer, as they carry precious cargo, and we take great care in selecting just the right ones. Our equine therapists are offered the best possible care, TLC and treatment by our volunteers and staff members while they help serve our riders.

Donations of Hay and Grain

We can use help in finding, delivering and loading hay into the barns and donations for horse hay. We can also use shavings for bedding and other related horse feed and supplies.


REINS volunteers are a critical part of our client therapy teams. Volunteers make the program possible by leading horses during lessons, side walking with students to ensure safety, grooming and tacking horses and maintaining and cleaning the facility. Volunteers must be 14 years or older to be part of our client teams and 12 or older to work as part of our support team. Many of the REINS volunteers are teenagers fulfilling community service requirements for school, retired people who want to give back to their community and animal lovers who just want to be near the horses.

A comprehensive training program is offered before the program begins with ongoing instruction throughout the sessions. We believe everyone has something to offer and we will match your interest to our opportunities – we also need many support volunteers. It is not necessary to have previous experience with horses or individuals with special needs. Please download our Volunteer Registration Form to begin your unforgettable journey.


REINS relies on community support to make this therapy possible. We do not turn away any person referred to us for therapy because of an inability to pay. That is our most precious core value. We are proud of the wide range of support we receive and the commitment of many people and organization to make sure this program remains strong. You can join this amazing community with your gift. 

Thank you.

Board and Committee Members

REINS is looking for people with a variety of backgrounds to serve our program. Volunteering just a few hours or more can be of great service to the REINS program and its riders and families. It is a rewarding and life changing experience. Our board meets monthly  and all are welcome.

Our clients rely on the gifts and skills generously shared by our board and committee members, so please consider joining our team today!!!!! You won’t regret it.

Reins wishlist and ways you can help

Items for horses

  • English Saddles – larger seat sizes always welcomed
  • Hay
  • Salt blocks/mineral blocks
  • Sponsorships for our equine therapists

Items for the barn

  • Stall mats
  • Shavings for horse bedding
  • Gravity box to store bedding

Items for the program

  • THANK YOU to Jerry’s Lawn Service for the donation of a sand pro to groom our arena.
  • Garden tractor or larger to mow pastures and yard areas
  • Handicap accessible Portable Toilet

Items for Riders

  •  Lift for mounting ramp to accommodate wheel chair and other difficult mountes
  •  Helmets manufactured within the last 5 years

Items for the volunteers

  • Bottled Water
  • Donations for continuing education
  • Donations for Appreciation Tee Shirts

The “Heart” of the REINS program is the Donor.

Financial support from individuals, foundations, businesses and community organizations is what allows REINS to provide these beneficial therapeutic services to the people in Sheboygan, Manitowoc, and Calumet counties. Our unique charitable program is successful because of your generous and ongoing support. REINS is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

Contact us today for a tour of our facility and to see this amazing program in actions.

The “Hands” of the REINS program are its Volunteers.

They are the crucial part of the program’s success. If you are interested in a rewarding experience that can be life changing, join us as a volunteer. We provide complete training. You provide the help and compassion that our riders need.

The “Face” of the REINS program is the Rider.

Riders are charged a nominal fee which covers less that 25% of the actual cost. We rely on the generosity of our donors to enable us to subsidize the remaining 75%. REINS offers scholarships to those who are unable to pay the tuition fee.

Volunteer Application – Online

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer, board member or giving a donation of any kind, please email or call us.

Dear clients, volunteers, and families;

We are asking you to help us find riders, volunteers, board of director members, or anyone to help with fundraising and the organization in general. If there are any questions or suggestions please let us know by cell phone or email.

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Thank you,


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